Efficiency Smart

Galion participates in the Efficiency Smart program offered through American Municipal Power. It is an energy-saving initiative for residents and businesses serviced by Galion municipal electric.

For Residents

Customers have a variety of incentives available to them:

  • Rebates for certain items such as thermostats, dehumidifiers, water heaters, and some appliances. 
  • Appliance recycling is also offered periodically. 
  • Free or discounted light bulbs are offered at least once per year. Announcements are inserted in customer bills.
  • Meter loans are available upon request.

Visit www.efficiencysmart.org/galion-ohio to see what programs are currently available.

For Businesses

Are you looking for ways to save energy in your business? Efficiency Smart offers the following tips to help you get started:

  • Light Your Facility Efficiently: Many lighting upgrades can pay for themselves in energy savings within two years. Consider switching to LEDs and using lighting sensors that automatically turn off lights in infrequently used rooms.
  • Upgrade HVAC Systems: Upgrading to higher efficiency heating, cooling and air conditioning systems (HVAC) can lead to significant energy savings. There are many ways to avoid an upfront investment, such as hiring an energy service company or financing.
  • Install a Building Energy Control System: Properly manage temperatures in your facility by zone, based on activity in the building. This can help save energy by not heating areas that are empty.
  • Metering of equipment: Taking action based on data from metering targeted equipment can result in significant savings. Efficiency Smart’s energy engineers can install meters on lighting circuits, compressed air units and other systems. This can provide numerous benefits to your business. The energy engineers can use this data along with your utility bill and operational data to provide a picture of your facility’s overall energy use. This information can also help optimize the use of equipment.

    If you have specific questions or are you looking for more help, you can contact Efficiency Smart for assistance. Our energy engineers can help identify energy savings projects and provide cost-benefit analysis to help prioritize your potential energy efficiency improvements.
    Financial incentives are available for eligible energy efficiency projects. This service is available at no cost to businesses in participating communities. 

You may also create a custom program to fit your needs. Visit www.efficiencysmart.org for more information.