CHIP Funding

Grant funding for the Community Housing Impact & Preservation (CHIP) Program is available in two-year cycles. The goal is to provide essential home improvements for low-to-moderate income households. Home owners can apply for rehab projects of up to $36,000, or repair projects of up to $9,000. 

Any household residing in a single family dwelling, whose total income of all wage earners (18 years and older) must be less than the income guidelines and they must reside in Crawford County.

Program Income Guidelines

Applicants whose total net assets equal an amount greater than $100,000 are not eligible.
Household Members Income Guidelines
1 person
2 persons
3 persons
4 persons
5 persons
6 persons
7 persons
8 persons

Owner Rehab

The Purpose of this program is to rehabilitate a one-family housing unit, which are owned and occupied by low-to-moderate income households. Eligible items for this program include: Installation and/or repairs to foundations, roofs, gutters, electrical upgrades, plumbing, furnaces, hot water heaters, insulation, window, doors, siding, accessibility improvements, and lead-based paint abatement.

Owner Repair

The purpose of this program is to provide home repairs to one-family housing units, which are owned & occupied by low-to-moderate income households. Eligible items for this program include: emergency repairs, handicapped accessibility, tap-ins, well and septic repairs.

How to Apply

1. Complete an application form. The form is available at the Crawford County CHIP Office, 112 East Mansfield Street, Bucyrus, or at the Galion City Building, 301 Harding Way East, Galion.

2. Gather all required documents:

  • Evidence of all sources of income (for all household members 18 and older)
  • All sources of assets (bank account statements, IRA accounts, etc.)
  • Deed (must be in applicant’s name)
  • Insurance declaration
  • Mortgage(s)
  • Most recent property tax statement

3. Schedule an appointment by calling the CHIP Office at 419-562-6583.

4. Obtain and submit any other documentation required, based upon guidance from the ORDC staff

Click here for more information. If you have any questions about the program, please contact the Crawford County CHIP Office at 419-562-6583.